Wednesday, August 27, 2008

About my Services

I wanted to take a moment and explain what my services offered are. My services are rather special and unique and every event I host is exactly that. This is what I can and will do. If you have further requests I will be happy to accomodate!

  1. Private Dinner Parties for Friends, Family & Associates

  2. Romantic Dinners for Couples

  3. Slow Food Events

  4. Wine Pairing events

  5. Outdoor fine dining

  6. Menu planning

  7. Tasting menu dinners

  8. Cooking and Technique classes

  9. Private cooking for you at home

  10. Weekly meal planning and cooking

  11. Weddings, Birthdays, Anniverseries

The above is just some of what I can and do offer. I will come to your home and create a truly unique dining experience, from creating a special menu and printing a copy for every guest, to doing demos in the kitchen for the guests, speaking about the food and the source of food and showing your party a truly good time.

I specialize in fine dining and pride myself in the flavors of my food. To get more info about your next event please contact me directly. Here are some links to previous dinners I have offered...

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