Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sacramento Catering

Sacramento Catering

Pajo's Boutique Catering is a local Sacramento Catering company. We specialize in a boutique catering experience, providing our clients with an amazing experience every time. We are dedicated to Sacramento, and we strive to be Sacramento's Best Caterer.

Our catering services are very rare and go beyond that of traditional sacramento catering companies. Pajo's Boutique Catering is commited to excellence and has secured relationships with leading farmers and producers to acquire the most exquisite products for our clients. We offer rare cuts of the highest quality of Wagyu beef, local lamb that is stunning, fish that is as fresh as possible and never frozen, produce which is of the rarest heirloom varieties. And we are proud that the products we source are from passionate artisans who raise their products with sustainable practices in mind. The products we procure are of the highest possible quality.

We offer wine pairings from one of the industry's leading Sommeliers. Anani Lawson of ATL Consulting and Sommelier at the Nation's best rated restaruant, The French Laundry, is happy to offer his personal wine service as an exclusive collaboration with Pajo's Boutique Catering.

We are proud to offer our elite services to the community of Sacramento and its surrounding areas. We believe we are the elite Caterer in Sacramento when it comes to food service.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Le Santuaire

This weekend I was lucky enough to visit Le Sanctuaire for the first time. Wow, is really all I can say. It was pretty amazing to witness first hand the kind of dedication these people have devoted to their business. They have taken no shortcuts and have vowed to remain true to their beliefs and only carry the highest quality ingredients. The girl helping me, name slips my mind at the moment, was the sister of the owner. She was explaining that when they started, everyone thought they were crazy for carrying such expensive and rare ingredients. Molecular was not common place in the days that they started, but now they have an amazing business.

Saffron of the highest quality, salts mined from around the globe, china handmade in berlin, rotovaps, liquid nitrogen, culinary books never before seen in the United States, single farmed risotto, handpicked specialty peppercorns - really amazing and really expensive stuff. But the highest quality is worth every penny. So I spent my many pennies indeed with the intention of sharing such fine and rare ingredients with my clients. I hope they can learn to appreciate it.