Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chili for the Cold Weather

Ok, so today it is not so cold; actually it is quite hot with temps reaching the low 80's. So you are asking yourself, what the heck is he writing about Chili for? Well over the weekend we had our first rain. Oh how great it was! As soon as the temperature dropped our inclination was to get something warm on the stove. Angie mentioned chili and I thought it was a great idea. Simple and delicious, such comfort food! So I got started on my way.

At the risk of somebody stealing my recipe, and finding it on the local menu at some joint, which I will mention has been something similar to what has happened to me recently, I will indeed post this recipe. I would like to share this with those who will appreciate this at home!

This is a really great and simple recipe for a good chili! Sorry, I do not have any pics!

1 pack ground beef, good quality
2 onions diced
8 cloves garlic minced
1 red bell pepper diced
1 ½ - 2 cups shredded carrots
12 tomatoes, cut 1/2" dice
16 oz tomato puree, (I use an imported Italian brand that is fabulous! So something good quality!)
1 can kidney beans or 1/2 bag beans, soaked overnight
1 can white navy beans or 1/2 bag beans, soaked overnight
1 bottle dark beer
1 jalapeno

2 T fresh chopped thyme

all the following to taste (start small and add more as you go to taste)
sugar or honey, about 1/4 cup max
garlic salt
grandmas chili powder, gives color and flavor
hot paprika
onion powder

chicken stock
top with fresh cheddar and red onions

Saute onions, garlic, peppers, carrots in olive oil. Remove and set aside. Saute in same pan beef, seasoning along the way with the seasonings. Once cooked, drain all oil out of pan and out of beef. Add pan to high heat and add beer to deglaze pan. Add the beef and onion mix back to pan. Add remaining ingredients and cook for 2-3 hours over simmer, adjusting consistency with tomato puree or chicken stock. Serve with fresh cornbread topped with crème fraiche and chives!

So delicious and simple. It will thicken quite a bit if done correctly, the tomato puree I use is very high quality, so look for something with some flavor. This chili is a bit sweet, a bit spicy but very good! Enjoy!

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