Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Another Useful Piece of Culinary Equipment"

Finally I can say my arsenal is getting fully loaded. Nearing the brink of losing a further bedroom to space for plates, racks, equipment and more, I must stop soon! Actually I have recently acquired some commercial kitchen space for my catering, so we are set!

I just received my chamber vacuum sealer, a second thermal circulator and this all adds to the anti-griddle. Now we can create an amazing energetic catered event for guests to enjoy. People seem to really love the equipment, having had seen this stuff on "Food Network's Iron Chef". This is what I always here. The chamber vacuum is absolutely amazing and now I can do some amazing things I wasn't able to do before. IE- Infusions, compressions, proper sous vide, creme anglaise, etc etc etc....

We just did the Lincoln Showcase, will I will post about the amazing results soon, and the Anti-Griddle was a show stopper. As was the 12 hour pork cooking on site via - sous vide.


Anonymous said...

Hey Heston- nice stuff!

sandhiya said...

what a great site and i feel happy to post Cooking Equipment