Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Epicure and Discoveries in Wine

People have been asking me continuously, "what is this event?" Well here I will sum up our goals and ideas which brought this collaboration into action. Anani Lawson, Sommelier at The French Laundry and myself both started conversation back in December. The talks were regarding the possibility of collaborating to share some food and wine knowledge, better yet to share a fabulous dining experience in an approachable and comforting environment to the people of Sacramento.

We started working the details out months ago, and today, we are less than two weeks from the launch date. March 27th, Anani and I will host 18 Sacramento diners for a truly unique, fresh dining experience. Part educational, part indulgence, this event will focus on specific elements of the dining experience. From flavor profiles, modern culinary techniques, textural variations and more to finding the perfect wine and the reason behind the choice.... Wines vary greatly based on the flavors they are paired with, but why? Do you know why? Many of us do not and Anani will point out several techniques in successfully choosing wines and maximizing their value by appropriately pairing them with the correct foods.

The evening will be a culmination of modern food utilizing amazing quality ingredients and specifically chosen wines to elevate the dishes. We have established relationships with some of the most amazing local small farms to supply us with some of the specialty products. We have utilized our access to Mishima Ranch Wagyu beef, to acquire a cut of "Calotte" or cap of ribeye, which will be a real experience for most diners to taste. Foie Gras, Kurobuta Pork, and many more specialty ingredients prepared with such care will be offered.

To add to the element of surprise, we will be offering several dishes not on the stated menu. Anani will be introducing a vary wide array of wines to taste and experience and will personally walk you through each one. Anani is a very personable guy, very approachable and definately breaks the mold of the common "Sommelier". He will also be offering some amazing "surprises" through the evening.

In addition, I will be sharing cooking techniques and recipes of the nights dishes. I will happily engage anyone interested in learning the ropes of a molecular kitchen, from hyrdrocolloids to modified food starches, cooking under vacuum vs. low temperature cooking, introducing the use of machinery such as the paco jet and why it is beneficial and much more. From the most basic cooking techniques and theories to the most modern, I will be happy to entertain your conversation.

I understand that people do not know what to expect and may be considering the price as a factor in their decision of attending; We have not offered much information purposely to elevate the overall experience. For these people, I ask for your trust. I ask for your faith in our vision. We will provide you with something so extremely unique, so amazing that you will want to return; and our goal is that we do this so well that you tell everyone you know! Word of mouth advertising for us is priceless and we will clearly display our vision through these events. Trust me, this will be an amazing value for the cost.

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