Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving; Sous Vide Turkey part 2

Thanksgiving; Sous Vide Turkey Part 2

Ok, so the first day of Thanksgiving has come to a wrap. A pretty easy going day, finished by a little crab, beurre monte, and Rombauer.

I've learned that putting a lot of hard work up front makes for an easier event day, be it Thanksgiving or any other. So here is what was accomplished with the Turkey.

Sous Vide Turkey, part 2.

So first off, meet the Turkey. A small bird, about 15 lbs, but really beautiful Brannigan Turkey acquired from John Paul Khoury of Preferred Meats.

Of course, mise en place. This is the standard mirepoix for the Turkey stock that will be ready to go for the bones.

Leg/Thigh portions separated, breasts, wing, and back broken down. Ready to proceed.

Above is the curing mix for the legs. As you can see, I have cured the legs below. They will stay like this until the morning, about 12-16 hours. At that time, I will post further photos.

Next up the brine. Here is the brine, ready for the bird. The breasts will brine about 6 hours, because they are thin and will be fully penetrated by the salt within that time frame. (See the ice cubes? Liquid is cold!)

Below is the browning of the bones. Fry them in very hot oil until nicely browned on both sides, transfer them to a pot. Work in batches. Then fry up all your mirepoix in the same pan. Add the mirepoix to the stockpot, then deglaze the frying pan with white wine, scraping all the browned pieces and reduce. Add that to the stockpot. Add water, garlic and herbs. Simmer 2.5 hours, then strain.

I did not skim and skim this stock away. I left it clouded and filled with fat because it will be used to make the gravy and to flavor the stuffing. So it will be better this way!

Tomorrow... I will post the photos of the turkey being bagged, compressed and cooked sous vide.

I will finish with a photo of the dinner we enjoyed! Nothing like the Holidays with Family! Until tomorrow... Cheers!

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