Friday, September 12, 2008

The Ransome Wedding... A 25th Anniversary!

Some good friends of ours are about to reach yet another defining moment of any marriage; their 25th anniversary! John had decided at what appeared to be the last minute, according to his wife! He was kind enough to ask me to "cater" or as he put it "work my magic" for their special day. Of course I checked my schedule and then agreed to do the deed.

He is having a small and intimate gathering of about 25 people at his home overlooking the valley. The view is spectacular up there and the layout is extremely shady, home to an abundance of old oak trees!

This is the menu decided upon and they are excited about it. They only chose a few dishes due to the size of the party.... I requested that they allow me to do my thing, which will include individual sized portions of all the food, separate plating of each item. The crab salad will be served in small shot glasses, the Ceasar salads will be bite sized and capable of picking up and tossing back! Everything will come out fabulous and i will post pictures of course after the event this Sunday! Stay tuned!

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